What are New Zealand’s possible pathways toward a global low-emission future, and what important choices lie ahead?  This blog creates a forum for sharing information and perspectives about the mitigation challenges that New Zealand faces, the assets that we have, the solutions that might be developed or adapted, the lessons we can learn from overseas and the experience that we can offer to other countries.  We hope it will help to identify what actions government, businesses and civil society can take to prepare New Zealand to thrive in a future of global carbon constraints.

This blog is part of Motu’s two-year programme 'Shaping New Zealand’s Low-Emissions Future: Making the NZ ETS Effective.'  The programme includes economics and policy research, cross-sector dialogue and international exchanges.  More information is available here.  The intention of the programme is to develop new and creative ideas that are well supported by research to progress the issues surrounding emission reduction opportunities, policies and actions where greater positive momentum is needed. To take these from ideas through to viable solutions we will incorporate leading international knowledge and experience, and a range of conceptual and empirical tools. Possible solutions will be thoroughly tested by experts from a range of perspectives and disciplines. The Low-Emission Future project complements other Motu initiatives and builds on our existing work on emissions trading, agricultural emissions, infrastructure, innovation and productivity. 

To undertake this significant project we have received core grant funding from the Aotearoa Foundation, established by Julian Robertson. We are currently seeking co-funding from valued programme supporters.

Along the way we are going to be updating this blog with project developments, new research, innovative ideas, and commentary on climate change news from New Zealand and around the world. The blog will be coordinated by a lead blogger and will feature guest bloggers.  If you would like to propose an idea for a blog post or write a post of your own, please send an email to

Disclaimer: The posts and comments on this blog are the views of the specific author; they are not the views of the author's organisation, other contributors, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, the programme's funders, or the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute.

Comments will be moderated by the authors of specific posts. Bad language and personal attacks are not acceptable.

About Motu:
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research is New Zealand’s leading non-profit economic and public policy research institute. We are fully independent. Our reputation is based on our work not being compromised by any expressed ideology or political position.

About the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute:
The New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute (NZCCRI) was established in 2008 by Victoria University to develop interdisciplinary research into all aspects of climate change. The Institute is a founding member of the New Zealand Climate Change Centre.

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